Vancouver Belly dance

Want to add an energetic, lively and sensual touch to your event? Or you just want to get your party started on the dance floor? Andrea and her talent group of dancers are exactly what you are looking for. Our experience in parties of all kinds, corporative events and festivals (Just For Laugh, Mondial des cultures, Festival du Monde Arabe, Middle eastern weddings/Zeffe's, Lebanese night clubs etc.) have prepared us for all kinds of requests. ​You have something special in mind? You want to create a magic atmosphere? You are looking for a special performance to put the final touch to your event? Write to and one of our members will communicate with you in order to plan a performance that will fit your event and your budget.


Want to have a little fun with the girls before your night out on the town?  Why not learn some extra moves for on the dance floor followed by a 15 min performance in costume!


Want to impress your wedding guests on the dance floor with your girlfriends and get the party started at the same time?  How about a mini-session of classes to learn a cute or  sassy group choreography to your choice of music?



A solo dancer will perform for between 20 - 30 minutes. The first half of the performance is a choreographed show with finger cymbals, swords, veils, and candles. If appropriate, the second half of the show is usually more focused on audience participation. The guest of honor may be asked to belly dance! The goal is to have everyone on their feet and dancing by the end of the show.



This special package includes a performance plus a bellydance lesson for all your friends. Andrea brings hip scarves and veils for the participants! This is perfect for bridal and baby showers. 60 min class 15 min Performance.




Performances for dancer run events and

multi-cultural festivals are always unique.  Please contact us with your concept and we will be able to come up with the perfect show to fit your budget.



How long is the show?
A typical show is between 20 - 40 minutes. The dancer may use finger cymbals, swords, veils, and candles. When appropriate, the show may include audience participation, for example, the guest of honor may be asked to belly dance!


Is it appropriate for children?
Yes, the belly dance show is family friendly. Children often love to dance, too!


Will she bring music?
Yes the dancer will provide a music CD and the venue should provide the sound system (louder is better). Usually the dancer will stay out of sight until the CD has begun playing. Live musicians can be arranged upon request, and the dancer is also able to dance with musicians you may have already hired.


What kind of music is used?
Depending on your preference, music can range from classical Arabic to modern pop to modern fusion.


Is tipping appropriate?
Yes. Unless the host has requested otherwise, the dancer will gladly accept tips. Tips may be tucked into the dancer's belt, or thrown above her head as a "money shower".


What if I need more than one belly dancer?
Ask about booking an award-winning group of beautiful, talented and professional belly dancers. Andrea collaborates with other professional troupes and artists to provide big-stage performances for large venues.


How far in advance should I make the booking?
It totally depends. It is always better to book the show sooner than later. If you are flexible about the time that the show begins, last minute shows can often be worked in. If you need the dancer to also book musicians for your event, this should be done as far in advanced as possible as they are generally booked solid for months in advanced.