Vancouver Belly dance

Why learn to belly dance?


There is something magical about bellydance that just makes you fall in love  


This sensual, feminine dance may be backed by thousands of years of culture and technique, and yet, it celebrates each individual and unique dancer, her particular personality, creativity and voice.  There is something about the music, the movements, and the opportunity for creativity and self expression that makes so many women fall in love at first dance class.  Through belly dance there is a freeing of the soul and a connection to self that is so powerful, uplifting and exhilarating.

"It is a dance which soothes the mind rather than distracts it.  It's hypnotic quality, which provokes an inner calm is one element which has often fascinated outside observers.  Hours pass and it is difficult to tear oneself away.  This is the way the motions of the dancing affects the senses, the rhythmic wheeling exhales a delightful torpor upon the soul, like an almost hypnotic intoxication."

The Serpent of the Nile page 16

Photo of Brazilian Belly Dancer Esmeralda


Belly dance has the incredible power of uniting women through joy


Belly dance, as a tradition, was a dance performed by women, for women, in family settings and parties.  The knowledge was passed down and from grand mother to mother, between sisters and friends.  Each women sharing her joy with the others through music and dance.  A time to let go, let her hair down, and express her inner world.  

In modern day belly dance still has this effect, it has created an enormous, supportive global community of women (and men) who share this passion together.

Tribal Fusion Belly Dance Sisters


Don't just "loose weight and get into shape",  learn to love your body right now!


Learn to adore your curves, or your athletic build, or your lean frame.  Learn to feel great and sensual in your skin.  Belly dance is for all women, no matter her size, her height, skin colour, or body mass index.   Belly dance is a great work out.  It works abdominal and core muscles, helps to improve posture and balance, increases flexibility and range of motion.  Belly dance is considered a fast dance and just 1 hour of belly dance classes can burn up to 300 calories.  It is also a great stress relief, and reducing stress can reduce cravings, lower levels of cortisol and allow you to have better sleep.

But, there is another side effect of bellydance.

Through bellydance we learn that standards of beauty are subjective and cultural.  By learning this dance we come to see  and appreciate the beauty and power in our own bodies, and we are given a voice to share that beauty and strength with the world, in the way we wish to express it.

As women we are exposed every day to images which have been completely altered.  When we dance with a group of real women, we realised that none of us fit that mold, and that we are all equally unique and beautiful.  Belly dance as an art form celebrates these differences.  Through practicing this ancient dance, we are given the opportunity to celebrate our own bodies, how they are, right now.

Gorgeous international star Miasia