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Teaching and coaching on hold due to covid19

As women we often feel our voice is stifled or not valued. Through dance we are able to express the depth of our feelings and experiences in a way that is safe for ourselves and others.  Whether we are expressing pure joy, celebration, longing, sorrow or heart break,  belly dance, as an art form, is the perfect medium for expression.  Oriental dance allows the dancers and audience alike to feel joy, a sense of timelessness and living in the moment.

I perform because I want to share these moments of celebration and joy with my audience, and I teach because I want to share this powerful tool of self expression with others.


My aim in coaching is to help dancers gain a sense of fulfillment and guide them to realise their full potential by helping them reach their goals and giving them the tools to have new ideas take shape. By working with a dancers natural strengths she is able to build her expression, personal style and character, and  develop tools to cultivate her imagination, inventiveness and creative thinking.  




Semi-private Coaching

Dancers know that the fastest route from beginner to advanced level are private lessons with their most trusted mentors, yet, private classes are often pricey, and over a long period outside of their budget.  This class is a middle ground.  Geared towards a very small group of dancers who will work together, the same methods used in private training are applied but within a small group context.  Each student will work one on one with me, working through a variety of exercises geared to help improve the technical aspect of dance, artistry, persona and stage presence, but they will also challenge each other and provide valuable constructive critique.  The exercises are designed not only to help each student reach an immediate goal, but will also give them valuable tools for future practice.

Bench marks and deadlines are set to help each girl stay on track and remain personally accountable to her progress as each student works with her own personal goals to create her own personal dance piece.

This class does require some dance homework.   


How does it work?  

Sessions will run per season.   Please send me an email to let me know you would like to join a session.  A small group (no more than 6) will be created and a time and location will be decided based on everyone's availability and studio availability.  

Classes in group will be held weekly and home work for the week will be given for the week at each class. 

Semi-Private Coaching


Student Testimonials

Through all the years I'v danced, you've been the most inspiring teacher and dancer that I've met. Because you have this mix of grace and edginess inside you, that we get to see through all your dancing. You are not afraid of exploring new styles and fusion, but always in the most thoughtful and elegant way.

I remember, one of the first choreography that I saw of you and that made me deeply wanted to work with you was Ashram. It was hypnotizing. Your technique was on point, but the emotion you project is beyond. Today again, this choreo blows me away.

You are certainly unique and I'll be forever grateful that I had the chance to learn and share a stage with you.

I love your creativity and all the dreams you have.





I think the best thing about you as a teacher is just how creative you are. You just always seem to make magic happen whenever you are creating a choreography or a project...I think this is a gift and not everybody has it. You are a great dancer but you also have a creative mind. You are also one of the most genuinely nice person I know and you are super generous in your teaching and you are also super approachable (that seems dumb but it's honestly so important to have a teacher you feel you can easily talk to or ask questions...)



I love your teaching style, never critical or pushy but always explains movements clearly. I also love how you create amazingly beautiful and unique choreographies, show them off in solo shows, then share some of them afterwards with your students.

Finally, the best thing about your teaching is that you genuinely look like you are enjoying it, and your passion is courageous!





What I really enjoyed was how good you were technically, you were mesmerizing to watch, and that just would inspire me to try to get as good as you! Just by being yourself.  I did also feel that you were very approachable and easy going, and I liked that. Cause it can be kind of scary to sign up for a dance class, and the fact that you were really skilled at what you were teaching AND that you were kind, open, and not intimidating, it felt to me like a really rare combination.


Past student shows and troupe performance

Nocta belly dance performance demo

Nocta belly dance Fire competition festival

Nocta bellydance and tribal essence at Ubisoft party

Nocta bellydance Drum Solo

Andrea's advanced fusion class

Intermediate class Ismaooni

Beginner veil choreography

Intermediate group Feather Fans