Vancouver Belly dance

Beside the fire, as the wood burns black, A laughting dancer in the veils of light, Whose dance transforms the darkness to gold.

Abu Abd Allah ben Abi-l-Khisal


Since Covid19 slowed down our ability to gather in groups I've unfortunately stopped performing and giving classes.  I am not sure when I would be ready to start again if ever.  Covid allowed me to switch gears to my other passion, painting (

At this point it is likely that I will resume regular restaurant shows in Vancouver area but will not resume teaching activities so that I can focus on building my art company and teaching painting online (and hopefully later in person).

Thank you for your understanding.



Looking for the perfect Vancouver belly dancer for your wedding or event. Check out the performance page for more information about types of performances available.

*  Performance services are on hold until Covid19 is behind us and we are vaccinated as a population.